Saturday, July 14, 2012


I'm having this issue with food lately. I just can't eat much. It's weird. My eyes are way more hungry that what the rest of me is and I feel bad for wasting food. My girlfriend made this really great spaghetti last night, and every time I've gone to eat it I've only been able to eat half of what I dish for myself, less than even. And I can't do anything with it now because it's been reheated so it'll just go in the bin and that makes me feel bad. And I'm going to say this knowing that I'll hear about how silly it is in about half an hour when I finish this and someone reads it. But what the hell. It's probably a good thing anyway. I eat so much crap, and I definitely have lately with all the whirlwind trips and eating out and eating take out. And I feel fat. There, I said it. Not fat fat because I know that that's crazy. I guess I just feel yuk and unhealthy, and basically just like a normal girl. Cue **** telling me that I'm not fat, whatever just the way I am, but sometimes I just don't feel it, and now is one of those times. I want to kick my ass into gear and get fit and get rid of the pudgy little tummy and tone it all up and all that. So I guess what I'm saying is that I should embrace the not having a very big appetite. But then again, I should also stop eating a whole lot of crap, because that's what's happening. Yes, says I who has an open can of Coke and an empty packet of salt and vinegar chips lying around. Ugh, why does bad food have to taste so damn good?

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