Sunday, July 29, 2012

Oh! The Wedding

One of our church members invited us THE TENTMAKERS (will post about TM soon-pinky promise) on their special day Kat & Anderson's Wedding. I am the veil bearer and they want me to sing a special song for them LORD I OFFER MY LIFE the song is easy to sing and can be sung with low notes. I asked my friend Gary to play the guitar for me because I want it on acoustic version. So we practiced like half day and inside the car while were driving from Abu dhabi to Al sharjah United Arab Emirates (the wedding area) then that's it, Trying to convince ourselves that we are ready. Upon arrival everyone's busy fitting their clothes and preparing for each individual part. While me, waiting for a miracle and says Hey! Can anyone help me…And Gary's chasing me- telling me that he's nervous. Yeah share it with me Gary. I feel it too, sniff*. And so after the nerve cracking isle walk, pinning of the Bride's veil. The officiating Pastor calls for a SPECIAL SONG NUMBER to be rendered by yeah sing with me. And it was terrible, I feel awful, I can’t even open my mouth, Gary started with wrong note. So I went ______________________ yes blank. But still the show must go on. I want to cast a spell (A spell to forget) to all the guests, especially to the newlywed.

whistling in the rain
(my attire during the wedding)