Saturday, July 14, 2012


Can you see me? My stride has you paralyzed, I know. I am your mystery. You can never have a piece of me. The way I collide into the shadows, the way my swagger goes from one to another. I am your chameleon, the diva in your masquerade.
Run from me if you must. I know I'm a little much. My words caress your soul and wrap around your mind. I leave you restless with the moonshine, believe me I realize this. I cast spells upon spells, sinking deeper into your veins... Can't you feel me pulse?My voice smooth and suculent, sultry and distinct. I whisper for you in your sleep. Can you hear me hum your name?My eyes are dark and deep. Written pages couldn't even tell you the things I have seen. I know you wish you knew me. A fantasy most people dare to dream, but I'm sorry... You can just take a seat right there.There is fury in me. I burn at the roots. I can engulf you, please you and set you free. I can be your addiction. A sweet fixation. I can give you all of everything you need. Let me be your air. Let me be your thoughts. I want to mold you into my own. Can you feel me slide into you?I am concentrated on more than you. I'm involved in everything you do. What fun is a game with no cat and mouse play? With my passions seeping into your core, I just smile with my avengence untold. Can you feel my rapture?I bet you think you know me. You get the sly in my character. The boost in my esteem. But what you will never know, is that I am always unseen.

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