Thursday, April 9, 2015

2015 Year of Thanks

Feeling Thankful...
I tried to figure out on how to start this entry. Scared to write or maybe more of a guilty-me for not updating and sharing bits of my adventures (Interested Anyone?Nahhh) . Anyhow, I will end this blog post with....
Almost a year Married now (tadaaa) !!! Still feels like yesterday (wink) it was like the Formula Rossa ride (google it) . Really lovin my status now and even though I'm not the MRS EXPERT yet I will still try cookin till I figured out all the ingredients. So Far I got this. JESUS in the center of our Relationship.

Posted all of these on Facebook anyway. So maybe I can go public here. 

Best Days of our LIVES

Photo grabbed from Dad

P.S more write-ups Soon...

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