Monday, February 11, 2013

24 and Happy

La-la-lala Let's celebrate Everyone!!! :)
It's my HAPPY BIG BIRTHDAY today. Yes, Bold and very happy...

Greetings from my Google family!!!!

  24 but i feel like and talk like and act like some kind of 30. Ain't that cool? No!
But my head spin like a baby and munch like a sweet sucking caterpillar. Yes! Yes!
Before I buzz, like a singing bee! Here's a little summary...

 Quit my ( beautiful ) job in Canon Marketing Phil Inc.
Left my EDGE radio station family, as DJ Lee- till next joyride.
Bravely join the world of OFW here in Middle east.
Found a job ( not suitable for me coz I just leave the company last Jan 21 this year)
Reunited with my love <3 Him and Her = forever
Dig into mission TENT MAKERS where I can freely sing, dance and shout +  friends.
Enrolled and finished Global Worship Academy ( where's my diploma?)
Play with scissors and papers (sobre papel, craft delights soon)
Missed my sib, mama & papa, even if they can be annoying. I know they want the best for me.
And I forever Praise God for it's my 24th birthday today!

If your reading this today, congrats! I hope you don't swim bored. If you do, thanks for reading though and hit the comment. 

1 2 3 Sing! Girl put your records on..tell me you're favourite song you go ahead let your hair down... sapphire and faded jeans I hope you get your dreams, just go ahead let your head down...
Oh you're gonna find your self somewhere, somehow...