Sunday, February 3, 2013

Craft Corner

Hello there!
Welcome to the best hobby site ever. Oh yeah!!!!  (^_^) oops! mouth zipped (-,-) hands down and steady. I am probably talking to my self again. Love your own anyway. 
Finally! after searching and surfing through net. I found Abu dhabi Paper crafts site a virtual home for scrapbookers, card makers and more. Explored and signed up. Add and make friends to all registered artist. Twas really great because I got to know more about paper crafting and specially they led me to a lot of available shop which is located in dubai- few hours drive from here in Abu Dhabi and our very own  CRAFT CORNER which is strategically located near my location. 

They have everything you need for paper-crafting projects (droolinnnnggggg)
Even with an empty stomach me and Bon went (WOA) oh bigtime!
P.S post pictures soon!!! But wait SPOTTED ring someones calling..

Wait take a look. Our first purchase!
Tea themed Journal Card Set (6 designs x 30 pieces) for only 20 aed. Great buy!

by: singwithzyra

Thanks a lot CRAFT CORNER especially to the sales manager Ms. Getha who was very friendly and accommodating  during our first visit.