Thursday, January 3, 2013

My melodramatic 2012

Photo courtesy of and Modeled by : Apple Mendez
This piece from Ms. Apple Mendez has taken my Facebook timeline cover for almost 4 months- that long. Yes, because usually I changed mine every other day (sniff). Few people asked me about my 2012. Even I come to point, to actually temperate and reminisce about it. 

To curtail everything, Year 2012 is more like a novel to me. Poured out sentiments, dwindled, prized, and dreamy. Pressed towards certain goal to that kind of love that I believe was insuperable. That Lavishness is futile if it's shared with no one. The need to divide the spoils not just a piece of cake. And whereas contentment and satisfaction is like fireflies the luminescence has gone cold. Though it was steady and waiting has been long overdue. Motionless rhythms, it grasp, it holds and breathe. A leap of faith that's how I survived, vowed, surmount, justified and tangled in love, yes I got tangled in, seems like a novel.