Saturday, July 14, 2012

Her Story

She would laugh but would not think it funny. She would smile but feel no joy or happiness. She merely exists. She is a little lost girl in a world that is huge and cruel. Sorrow, Pain, and Worthlessness are her constant companions. She ran away from them once before, and was rid of them for sometime. During that time she saw blue skies, had emotions like that of a human, and learned to love again. But then one day she tasted bitterness with the death of a beloved friend. She went to the wake and was found by Sorrow, Pain, and Worthlessness. They left with her and came home with her and have not left her alone since. This girl is trying to fight them off, but she is too overwhelmed. And she does not remember how she got away from them in the first place. So now this girl sits out in the cold rain with the blanket of gloom covering the sky, as the winds of misery cut right through her. This girl searches for the once warm joy filled memory, but it is how cold and fading ever so quickly. With the passing of time, the girl becomes slower with what seems like hundreds of years. Ancient is the all she knows how to feel with the knowledge that she is not as old as she feels. Or, she wonders- Is this what hell is like? So she will continue on and will exist with no question as to when her end is near.

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