Monday, August 27, 2012

The Most Glorious Wedding of All

If you’re single, don’t waste your life waiting for a man, or if you’re married, don’t wait for your man to change before you begin living out your faith. I know it is hard to imagine what it will be like the day Jesus, our true Prince, comes to rescue us from this world, so I invite you to wrap your heart around this final story. Let your heart dream as you read about the love of your life and your “heavenly wedding day,” when your Prince (our Lord) will come to rescue you from this world.
Imagine with me the most glorious wedding day of all. . . .
The bride-to-be stands motionless, staring in the mirror for what seems like an eternity. Her hair and makeup are like works of art, and her dress is pure and white as snow. Never before has she imagined she would feel so treasured by her Lord as she twirls around her dressing room with joy, excitedly waiting for the ceremony to begin. She begins to reflect on her life and the people God had placed in her path while she was walking on earth.
If only she had known that this dream would become reality when her Prince came. Then she would have made sure everyone she met know about the open-ended invitation from her Savior to experience His eternal love. She begins to weep as she realizes that, while waiting for a “happily ever after,” she had lost sight of the coming grand finale of her everlasting life. In her search for a man to love her, she had forgotten to embrace the one true Prince who gave Himself for her to experience this day.
It hits her suddenly like a stabbing jolt of reality: He had done everything to prepare for this day. He had done everything to woo her, to bless her, to capture her heart, to rescue her . . . and she had done nothing! She has nothing to offer Him. No gifts. No guests. She spent her life worrying about all the wrong things and living for all the wrong reasons. The depth of her regret is so intense that she grabs the hem of her gown and turns, ready to run away.
But just then she hears the sound of the most beautiful music she has ever heard. The wedding march has begun! Then large double doors open into the most incredibly decorated sanctuary she has ever seen. She sees angels singing glory to the Lord. She hesitantly walks down the aisle of the glorious sanctuary as she fights to believe this could really be happening. She feels so undeserving of such a celebration, yet she cannot help but absorb the indescribable beauty surrounding her. Then, suddenly, everything around her seems to blur as she catches sight of her Savior for the first time.
He looks so tender and loving, standing there at the end of the aisle, patiently waiting for His bride to approach. There are no bridesmaids or groomsmen, only her Groom and what appears to be an amazing number of wedding presents. She had heard that her Prince had prepared many gifts for His bride, but this is truly beyond what she could have imagined.
An intense flood of emotion overflows in her heart. As she approaches her Groom—her Prince—she feels her heart beating fast and her face becoming flush with embarrassment for not living a better life for Him. Just as she is ready to run, her eyes meet His.
She sees something in His loving eyes that is more intense than her shame, more powerful than her guilt. This “something” is stronger than anything she has ever felt before. His presence is irresistible, and no emotion can keep her from walking toward Him. As she keeps her eyes fixed on His, her shame begins to melt away, and the closer she gets to her Lord, the more sure she is that the look on His face is one of pure love, the kind of love that says,
You are Mine, My beloved bride, and nothing you have ever said or done could diminish My never-ending love for you.”
As she steps up to stand next to her Groom, every negative emotion loosens its grip on her and departs forever. Every pain that has burrowed its way into her soul disappears. As they stand there face-to-face, she realizes that she has always been loved, and for the first time she really experiences His love the way He wants her to. The Prince smiles at her and reaches out His hand and gently wipes away the tears from her cheek. He then wraps His loving arms around her and whispers, “You will never cry again, My love. Welcome home.”
When we know Jesus as our Savior, then He is our Prince, we are His bride, and this story is about the majestic day of His return. Let’s not wait; let’s get ready for our Prince and live our lives in a way that tells the world we are loved. We have nothing to lose in this life if we say “I do” and “I will” follow the Prince who gave His life for me. If we believe the Word of God and embrace eternity, it becomes effortless to surrender our hearts to His love and His will. He is coming to rescue us; the question is, will we be ready?
I’m not sure what you’ve walked through or who holds the key to your heart, but if you will hand that key to the Lord, you will find the safe place you’re longing for. Your security will no longer be based on others’ actions. Even those who love you the most don’t know how to love you the way your Lord does. Just listen to His promise in Revelation 21:4:
He will wipe every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain. All these things are gone forever.”

 by: Featured guest