Monday, February 11, 2013

24 and Happy

La-la-lala Let's celebrate Everyone!!! :)
It's my HAPPY BIG BIRTHDAY today. Yes, Bold and very happy...

Greetings from my Google family!!!!

  24 but i feel like and talk like and act like some kind of 30. Ain't that cool? No!
But my head spin like a baby and munch like a sweet sucking caterpillar. Yes! Yes!
Before I buzz, like a singing bee! Here's a little summary...

 Quit my ( beautiful ) job in Canon Marketing Phil Inc.
Left my EDGE radio station family, as DJ Lee- till next joyride.
Bravely join the world of OFW here in Middle east.
Found a job ( not suitable for me coz I just leave the company last Jan 21 this year)
Reunited with my love <3 Him and Her = forever
Dig into mission TENT MAKERS where I can freely sing, dance and shout +  friends.
Enrolled and finished Global Worship Academy ( where's my diploma?)
Play with scissors and papers (sobre papel, craft delights soon)
Missed my sib, mama & papa, even if they can be annoying. I know they want the best for me.
And I forever Praise God for it's my 24th birthday today!

If your reading this today, congrats! I hope you don't swim bored. If you do, thanks for reading though and hit the comment. 

1 2 3 Sing! Girl put your records on..tell me you're favourite song you go ahead let your hair down... sapphire and faded jeans I hope you get your dreams, just go ahead let your head down...
Oh you're gonna find your self somewhere, somehow... 


  1. more birth days and years to come my dear!
    iloveyou more!
    happy 24th birthday!

    1. Thank you so much..and i love you..

    2. Thank you so much..and i love you too!!


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