Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Valentine Gift Scor-Pal!

Happy Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! 
I'm always the luckiest singing bee around the circles.
Why? I have my honey bee who's always been a hippie to support me. 
That includes buying me a perfect gift that I adored so much. I told you I'm not into material things (check here) but he just so lovely to know the things that matters to me. If your reading this I love you!!!

A gift from him!

This is not the original photo, I will post mine soon P.S

Together we can create and inspire people!

1 2 3 sing! So wont you be my honey bee giving me kisses all the time be mine, be my valentine...


  1. Atlas we have the amazing scorpal..
    thanks to craft corner and to my lovely princess for her unthinkable brilliant imagination of craftmaking...
    first step done..

    1. Hello sweetheart! Thanks a bunch! I will always love you.


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